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Wrinkle relaxing Injections and filler treatments

“Botox” is the most commonly used cosmetic treatment with over 16 million treatments performed since its introduction into the market place. “Botox” has also been used for over 20 years as a safe, effective medical procedure for issues such as severe muscle spasms (including in young children), bladder problems and migraine. However, despite the popularity of the treatment being on the rise, the rumours and scare stories abound…

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Tired of hiding your neck? Results with Exilis… image

Saggy neck skin

“Using Exilis, Dr Russell eliminated my double chin and tightened my turkey neck. A difference was evident after the first treatment. A fantastic result.” MQ 54yrs People often ask me where do I see the best results from my experience with Exilis. Not an easy answer as the results we get for face and body are fantastic but I definitely think the neck stands out for me. Tightened skin, smoothed lines and an end to the dreaded under chin ‘pouch’ which I think can be a real problem for women ( and men! ) as those years creep up. Results can be evident throughout the treatment but the best results come a number of weeks after the treatment course has ...

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Under Eye Bags? Results with Exilis… image

Brown eyes

“I would recommend the Exilis treatment and Dr Clara Russell. My experience of the treatment relates to under the eye areas and I certainly feel there is a dramatic improvement in lines, colour and sagging since my first set of treatments (four in total) in March 2013. Since then, I have returned for a one off ‘top up treatment’ twice ( every six months ) and this seems to be sufficient to maintain the initial result-I will continue with this treatment schedule. As a cost alternative to “botox”/fillers, I found the treatments are very competitive. In any case these latter non surgical treatments are ineffective for under the eye areas and in my case, Exilis was the last resort before ...

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