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How does it work

Multiple Award winning Exilis uses a unique combination of radio frequency and ultra sound to stimulate collagen, melt fat and tighten skin with a safe cooling tip ensuring safety and comfort during treatment

What can I expect?

An initial consultation to review suitability, your areas of concern and what treatment entails.

If Exilis is suitable for you and your area (s) of concern, 4-6 treatment sessions will be recommended. Results may be evident throughout treatment but full results can take up to 3 months to become realised.

Pain free treatment – Exilis creates a sensation of heat, not pain, and throughout the treatment we will check regularly you are comfortable and if not, take steps to ensure you are at ease with the treatment process.

There are always ways you can help the treatment work and achieve best results-Hydration is vital to results of the treatment- plenty water is essential the day before, day of and day after treatment to ensure the best results and optimum comfort. For Body treatments, gentle exercise on the days following treatment is also encouraged.

Picture of a woman pinching cellulite.

What can I have done?

Exilis can be used for a variety of body and face areas.

The most population treatments are:

  1. Neck
  2. Double chin
  3. Jowls
  4. Under eye bags/ sagging
  5. Belly
  6. Love Handles
  7. Cellulite
  8. Bingo wings

Other areas include:

      • Forehead ( to tighten and lift)
      • Backs of hands (tightens and smoothes skin)
      • Inner thighs (melt fat and tighten skin)
      • Knees (tighten, lift and reduce fat pockets)

Why I chose Exilis?

Shape and Rejuvenate is a small business that I run in conjunction to my work as a GP and my family life. Therefore it is really important to me that the treatments I offer do what they say and I really believe in what I’m offering to people. There are always new technologies and treatments on the market and being small, I’m not in a position to jump to every new thing going. I’m also very aware of the hype that surrounds something when it is new and for me, it is important that the results show predictability, longevity and consistency.

Exilis provides these things and having been using the technology for 3 years, I’ve seen for myself what can be achieved. I researched treatments for over 1 year before deciding to invest in Exilis so I’ve seen a lot of what the alternatives can do- good and not so good.

As I tell my clients, radio frequency and ultra sound are not new treatments- what makes Exilis different is that both treatment modalities can be offered together in the same handpiece thus delivering power from both sources of energy deep into the tissue or fat we are trying to treat.

Lots of machines offer radiofrequency treatment as its ability to achieve skin tightening is well documented. Exilis offers monopolar radio frequency- meaning a single energy direction thus ensuring that the energy is directed deep into the target tissue. Other machines offer RF in multiple poles – 2,3 and even 4, meaning that there are more beams of energy penetrating the skin- but often in a much more superficial method. That is why some machines can offer almost instant results as the tightening can be achieved very quickly in this way- however what may not be known as much about these treatments, is how long these results last for or how many treatments are needed to achieve long lasting outcomes.

Do your own research

Things to consider when researching Non Invasive Treatments for skin tightening, fat reduction or cellulite-

      • Is there real evidence of results? For example, as well as before and after pictures Exilis has scientific papers published proving reduction in fat cells and stimulation of collagen
      • How experienced is my clinician in using the machine?
      • Am I being realistic? Be honest with your clinician about the results you are looking to achieve. Only then can they help you decide if this is the right treatment for you.
      • Am I prepared to keep the treatments going? A course will hopefully give the results you are looking for but know how often you might need treatments or if the course is likely to need to be repeated.
      • Is there any down time after the treatment or special instructions to follow?
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Exilis Update

Exilis Elite is here!

Almost twice the power in the facial handpiece for more comfort and longer lasting results.

Book your consultation now to see how Exilis can help you achieve great results using clinically proven techniques.

Call – 07980 215 181

BTL Exilis Elite

Pricing – New packages from Spring 2017!

See our Facebook Page for information on an April Special offer.

Face TreatmentPrice Per Treatment
Individual Areas eg. Eyes£150
Non Invasive Upper Face Lift (Forehead, Upper Cheeks, Eye Area)£300
Non Invasive Lower Face Lift (Jowls, Lips, Under Chin)£300
Non Invasive ‘Turkey Neck’ (Under Chin, Neck) £250
HandsTreatmentPrice Per Treatment
EXILIS Hands article
Body TreatmentPrice Per Treatment
Individual Areas eg. Saddle Bags £150
Package – Tummy and Muffin Top£250
EXILIS Effect on porcine fat - Issue 200

Other options/ packages available depending on concerns and consulation-
Email drclararussell@yahoo.co.uk with queries


“I would recommend the Exilis treatment and Dr Clara Russell. My experience of the treatment relates to under the eye areas and I certainly feel there is a dramatic improvement in lines, colour and sagging since my first set of treatments (four in total) in March 2013. Since then, I have returned for a one off ‘top up treatment’ twice ( every six months ) and this seems to be sufficient to maintain the initial result-I will continue with this treatment schedule. As a cost alternative to “botox”/fillers, I found the treatments are very competitive. In any case these latter non surgical treatments are ineffective for under the eye areas and in my case, Exilis was the last resort before having invasive surgery. ”


“After just 2 treatments I could see and feel a difference- I could even get back into my first pair of pre pregnancy jeans! I can’t wait to have more treatments!”


“BTL Aesthetics are proud to be working along side Dr Clara Russell one of Scotland most recognised Cosmetic Doctors who is the first user in Scotland of EXILIS the award winning system for body contouring and skin tightening. Dr Russell’s clinic will not only be offering the wide range of treatments that the EXILIS can carry out but will be working along side BTL as the first Scottish Referrence and Training Site to be operational in Edinburgh. We wish Dr Russell well in this venture and welcome you all to come and see the amazing results for yourself. EXILIS…Reshape you future!”

Lee Boulderstone, BTL

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My Face My Body Award Winner badge for Exilis

Exilis information

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