Other Treatments

Wrinkle relaxing Injections

Injectables and Wrinkle relaxing Injections are available on request

Despite all the hype and scare stories ‘Botox’ is still the most popular non invasive treatment with the number of patients increasing year on year. A safe treatment, when done by the right hands, ‘Botox’ can be used to smooth lines in the crows feet, frown area and forehead. Results last on average 3 months and although there maybe some initial discomfort, this is usually minimal and often forgotten when the results start to reveal themselves!

Picture of a woman applying a dermal filler
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Filler treatment

Filler treatment – most commonly using a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid which is one of our skins natural ingredients- can be used in different ways around the face to treat your concerns. Fillers are a gel type product, again administered by needle combined with local anaesthetic. They are not permanent and last on average 6-9 months.

If you are considering any of these treatment the following are crucial to consider:

What am I expecting to achieve from this treatment?
It’s important to be realistic and go into the consultation knowing that as yet, there is no magic wand or miracle potion to reverse ageing. These products can lift, tighten and smooth lines when used correctly but they are unlikely to fully eliminate the signs of ageing.

Am I prepared to keep the treatment going?
Once is good but regular is better for all these treatments- they are treating problem lines and areas but they are also preventative for future deeper wrinkles or sagging. As they are not permanent, having them on a regular basis will enable you to get the best results long term. Of course the opposite is also true, if for some reason you don’t like the outcomes of treatment, it’s not permanent and will wear off in time.

Do I feel safe and listened to by my clinician?
It sounds simple but make sure you’ve had a consultation about the proposed treatment. Know what is being proposed, the costs involved and what the risks and benefits are. Don’t be afraid to ask not only about training that your clinician has but also their experience.

Don’t listen to every scare story you see or read about.
As with many things in life, people are always ready to share the bad not the good and many people that have these treatments will often never talk about them as they don’t want to admit to it. These products are safe, well tested and well researched so as long as you feel in safe hands there should be little reason to worry.

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