“Botox” is the most commonly used cosmetic treatment with over 16 million treatments performed since its introduction into the market place. “Botox” has also been used for over 20 years as a safe, effective medical procedure for issues such as severe muscle spasms (including in young children), bladder problems and migraine. However, despite the popularity of the treatment being on the rise, the rumours and scare stories abound…

Here are some things about Botox you might have wondered about.


B- Botox is Botox. It’s not filler.

The 2 are very different- although they both are administered via a needle into areas of the face their ingredients, uses and effects couldn’t be more different. Botox is used most commonly in the upper parts of the face- frown lines (glabellar), round the eyes ( crows feet) and forehead. It works best on lines that are dynamic ie. Move when your face moves. The active ingredient tells the nerve supplying your muscle to stop moving so for a brief and temporary period, this is what happens. Depending on how much you have and where you have it the results can be a smoother, less lined, fresher-more youthful appearance.

Filler lifts grooves in your face that form over time and works like mattress springs to elevate, plump and hold up lines and crevices that have appeared due to ageing and repeated facial expressions.


O – Once is good, regular is better.

By continuing to have regular treatments, the lines will soften and become less pronounced. The muscles can be re educated to move in different ways and as your expressions change ever so slightly, so too do the depth and the prevalence of the lines that bothered you in the first place. People having regular injections usually find eventually they need to return for them less frequently as the treatment lasts longer.

If you decide to stop having botox the lines do not return more severely they simply return to how they would be if you had not had treatment.


T – Toxin, not Toxic

Botox has an excellent safety profile and has been well researched and established as a safe and consistent product. It is a purified protein derived from botulinum toxin. It will not give you botulism and the doses used in cosmetic treatment are a tiny fraction of what is used for some medical causes.


O – One size doesn’t fit all.

Every patient, every face and every line is unique therefore the treatment with Botox can be adapted to meet the requirements of both your face and your preference. The frozen look is not the only outcome with botox- quite the opposite! Done with the right product and by an experienced professional, botox can be tailored to create a natural refreshed look and still allow for facial expression.


X – X marks the spot.

Several small injections will be used in each treatment area- very small needles are used to minimise discomfort. The treatment is rarely painful and usually only uncomfortable for a few seconds as the needle pierces the skin. No local anaesthetic is required.