Exilis is here!

I am incredibly excited to launch Exilis – the first in Scotland to use this technology to shape and rejuvenate face and body.

Using a revolutionary technology of radio frequency, pulsed ultra sound and cooling this simple treatment can be used to treat the following:

Even better is that the treatment is PAIN FREE. Yes that is true- no pain. The sensation is one of heat in varying intensity and you need a series of treatments (3-6) to see results. I recommend 4. The results can take 3 months to reach full impact and there is evidence that the results can last up to 12 months! Amazing I know.

The before and after pictures must be seen to be believed.

New for 2013- 13 reasons to choose Exilis @ShapeandRejuvenate
1) Pain free
2) Needle free
3) Non Invasive
4) Facial rejuvenation is subtle- no fear of chipmunk cheeks or droopy eyelids
5) Quick treatment sessions- 30 mins on average
6) No strict diets to follow to ‘help the treatment work)- adequate hydration is all we ask the day before, the day of and the day after treatment
7) It’s not just for ‘young people’- some of the best results for neck rejuvenation have been for women in the 70’s!
8) It’s not just for ‘older people’- cellulite knows no age limits
9) It’s a big hit across the globe- Europe, Korea and the notoriously hard to please USA are already fans!
10) It treats fatty areas across the abdomen- not just one pocket of fat
11) You can have more than one are treated in a session eg. Belly and Bingo Wings
12) Costs saving versus liposuction or other surgeries
13) The only one you really need- IT WORKS.